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Your Website is the hub for reputation management and cross channel marketing;
as such we don’t just develop Websites… We build online businesses.

Every Website development project is strategically built upon a strong foundation of marketable content. As Usability Professionals, we know what framework, features and navigational mapping work to enhance the user experience and what will not. As Internet Marketers, we know how content and layout work in tandem to engage the audience and what will not. As Designers, we know what captures an audience visually and what will not.

We work along-side you to build an exceptional online presence geared to grow your bottom line.

Web design and Website development tips and recommendations

Two decades of Web design and Website development experience breeds a wealth of information we’d like to share. The question heard most often is “What should my company include in my Website?” Easy question… difficult response!

It’s not uncommon for our team to ask 20 questions in response to a single question. If you can tolerate this Q & A, it will surely work to your advantage. In response to the question above, we would typically ask questions of the following nature:

  1. What features would help you to negotiate reputation management?
  2. Can you identify your target markets?
  3. Websites can be dynamic customer service portals. Can you tell us what areas of your customer service need attention?
  4. How are you currently dealing with customer questions and concerns?
  5. Does your current Website successfully engage a potential client/customer?
  6. Do online visitors remain on your site for more than 3-5 minutes or do they come and go quickly?
  7. How can you bring the retail ‘touch and feel’ into your Website?
  8. What are the primary obstacles potential customers have resulting in lost opportunities?
  9. Who will be responsible for routinely updating content and features?
  10. Do you have staff familiar with HTML or will a content management system be required?
  11. Do you plan to optimize your Website for search engine visibility?
  12. Do you know what keyword phrases clients/customers are searching most?
  13. What areas of your business are not attaining the level of activity you want?
  14. Do you plan to promote profitable business areas, low producing areas or both?
  15. How are you currently marketing your business? Do you want your Website to carry forward design of printed promotional pieces such as your brochures, business cards etc. On the flip side, will the design or your Website dictate future offline promotional design material?
  16. How much have you earmarked for your Website development project?

Stagnant Websites yield stagnant results…

Before a single wire frame is developed, it is essential to do some due diligence in the following areas:

  1. Identify your target groups
  2. Conduct comprehensive keyword research to identify highly searched or niche phrases to base content
  3. Determine how you can streamline the transaction process
  4. Make sure your offers are clear and based on user feedback… not just what you want to offer
  5. Draft a schedule and identify who is responsible to update content and when the update should occur. Stagnant Websites yield stagnant results….
  6. Discuss how you can facilitate customer service
  7. Discuss features that will engage visitors and improved the user experience
  8. Determine how you plan to implement Social Media Marketing into your overall strategy to illicit more activity
  9. The foundation for your Website and Web design should be usability-based
  10. Content should inform and based on information your customers want… not what you have time to write

We hope the information presented above was insightful and practical. We are available on a consultation basis to discuss your Website development project. If you are working with another Web design company, we can support your efforts as third party consultants.

The InterCon Group can provide the Website Development and Internet marketing services your company cannot manage alone…

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