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In-House Search Engine Marketing Services


Successful search engine optimization is not easy. It is an integrated science with an extraordinary number of variables. A greater challenge is to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of SEO. One day you may feel you’ve conquered the savage SEO beast, only to feel defeated the very next day. This is precisely how fast algorithmic changes occur. All engines have unique ranking algorithms, therefore optimizing for one specific engine may not necessarily apply to the other engines. For instance Google has more than 200 variables in their ranking algorithm... which are most important? We will tell you...

Keep in mind, there are defined rules and proven methodologies. The TICG, SEO Training Program will prepare you to work with the engines, not against them. We will ensure you understand the fundamentals and help plan your strategy. An SEO strategy must be part of your Interent marketing plan alongside traditional promotional vehicles such as print, radio, and TV and just as importantly, must be included in your marketing budget. Although there is no ‘cost’ for organic ranking, you will invest a great deal of time and effort. Whether you spend the time to do it yourself, or you engage an expert, SEO requires a serious investment.

For companies who want to tackle SEO and PPC management in-house, we can help. We’ve taken everything we have learned over the last two decades and developed a step by step in-house training program. We offer one and two- day training sessions. Our program also includes a 6 month post campaign evaluation and analysis. We’ll tell you what you are doing right and wrong along with recommendations for campaign improvement.

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