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There are complexities to building and maintaining a comprehensive and effective Search Engine Optimization program. To initiate a successful Optimization program, a company must understand SEO is a deliberate science. Strategic planning, keyword research, technical aspects and content must all be in sync. SEO has to be ingrained at every level. Offline, online, performance data, marketing and technical departments need to understand what their ongoing responsibilities are to ensure ongoing Search Engine Optimization success.

Businesses need to understand SEO is not something you can ‘buy.’ A Fortune 500 company shares the same struggles as a small vendor given that search engines do not deliver results based on the size of the company, but rather the ‘wealth’ of information presented. Successful Search Engine Optimization campaigns are never finished. Campaigns can always be improved, content should be continually modified, product or service offerings change as does the direction of a business. SEO is a long term project and investment, but when conducted properly yields commanding and desirable results.

It is critically important for companies to set realistic expectations based on the effort they too have to put forth. Optimization involves the support of the entire team… our company + yours.

Listed below are just a few of the ongoing requirements for a successful SEO project. If you are considering the implementation of a Search Engine Optimization program consider this…. Who will be responsible for the following areas in your organization?

  • Strategic SEO plan development
  • Content development and re-development
  • Coordination of SEO with other marketing channels (cross channel marketing)
  • Coordination of the Website design, technical and SEO teams
  • Ongoing Campaign analysis
  • Ongoing Campaign Modifications
  • Cross channel analytical performance measurement
  • CRM implementation
  • Remain abreast with the ever changing search environment
  • Remain abreast with the latest technologies

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