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Website Performance Analytics

A Data Driven Approach to Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Retention

Guess-Work = Less Work= Less Revenue!

In 1996, we were ecstatic because we could finally measure Website “hits”! How cool was that? Fast forward two decades and the quantity and quality of analytical data are staggering. Even with all of the information at our fingertips, businesses are not taking full advantage of the information readily available to them. This could be due to a multitude of reasons but it boils down to … a business cannot effectively manage what it cannot measure. This is where we come in. Our job is to crunch the numbers, analyze the data, present the results to you and offer recommendations to ensure your business continues to grow.

Our Performance Analysis Will:

  • Differentiate fluff traffic from quality traffic
  • Determine if your campaigns deliver solid returns on investment or are draining your bank account
  • Identify customer interaction and behavior
  • Capture and segment target groups for custom offers
  • Measure customer engagement to determine effectiveness of landing pages and campaigns
  • Quickly and accurately identify productive marketing channels
  • Finally give you answers to everything you want to know… and more.

A data driven approach to business management will cut costs and maximize results.

As a full service Digital Media Agency we can develop the strategic marketing plan, design the digital creative for any campaign, build the software technology to capture or drive whatever is necessary and finally data mine and interpret the results for you.

We can handle it all or provide the services your company cannot manage alone.

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