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Social Media Marketing 2015 and Beyond…

Why are so many businesses turning to Social Media Marketing?  Let’s take a couple of steps back to better understand why Social Media Marketing has surged in popularity recently… and forevermore.

Social Websites such as Facebook , YouTube, LinkedIn and others came onto the scene several years ago with the preponderance of users between the ages of 12-20.  Subsequently, the popularity of these sites gained favor amongst older users.  Soon thereafter, businesses began to see huge potential in leveraging social media with business strategies. 

The search for low cost, or no cost advertising vehicles grew as did our economic woes.  It was no coincidence Social Media Marketing took the front seat ahead of high cost advertising vehicles such as Television, Radio, Online banner ads, Trade Shows etc.

Blend low cost with high demand, stir in new technologies to better promote communication and potential reach and you have the winning recipe for success.  Let’s discuss what Social Media is and the various types of Social Media currently available to us.  (This list will undoubtedly change every 5 minutes).

What is Social Media?

Social Media is defined collectively as a group of digital tools/Websites that enable us to create and share content with others. The Internet’s commanding reach facilitates the dissemination of information between people/groups. Blogs, Social Networking Websites such as Facebook, podcasts, videos and SMS (Short Message System or text messaging) are common forms of Social Media. Many of us have used at least one type of Social Networking vehicle at one time or another while surfing the Internet or on our iPhone or Android smart phones. What differentiates Social Media from older, traditional media is its innate ability to promote and generate a “conversation” or other type of communication. Social Media usage continues to grow at an exponential rate and as such has changed the way we interact with others, including our customers or clients.  This will continue to evolve and grow..

Social networking Websites are used routinely by millions of people and have become part of everyday life. The primary social networking services are those which enable effortless content, photo and video sharing.  Today’s technologies also enable the simultaneous update on more than one medium i.e. update Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

Micro-blogging sites/tools promote short communication blasts (140 characters or less).  Twitter, the most popular utility enables users to “tweet” or communicate with “followers” directly from a computer or cell phone (just like a text message or an instant message) and receive incoming tweets from those you choose to follow, delivered right to your phone. Twitter effectively combines chat and blogging into one application.

Harnessing Social Marketing to effectively promote your business?

Social Media Marketing is defined by SEOmoz as, "The interaction between a company and individual via digital delivery channels, intended to share commercial content that will lead to a sale and/or be passed along to others."

Social Media Marketing uses the tools of Social Media to promote a business, product, or service. It’s a unique blend of networking skills (relationships) traditional PR skills, marketing skills (giving customers what they want), and customer service (delivering resolutions to issues).

The InterCon Group can help your business grow by developing a Social Media Marketing plan to strengthen your customer relationships and attract new customers as well.  We are here to provide the Internet marketing services your company cannot manage alone…

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