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Paid Search Marketing (PPC) is an incredible vehicle alone or in conjunction with organic search engine optimization. A multifaceted approach to effective campaign management is essential for optimal results and to ensure costs are minimized. Our job is to write compelling, actionable ads; deliver impressive click through rates and conversions, all while carefully monitoring your budget.

That being said, we are not in the business of making promises we cannot keep. We work hand in hand with our clients to set realistic expectations based on budget, number of managed keyword phrases, average cost per keyword and finally degree of competitiveness of each phrase. Similarly we define goals and determine how best to attain a solid return on investment.

PPC Marketing Reality # 1: A PPC monthly allocation of $2,000 is equivalent to $66.67per day. With an average cost per click of $1.00, your daily budget will ‘buy’ 67 clicks. A modest 2% conversion rate will deliver 1 conversion (action) per day.

PPC Marketing Reality # 2: Studies indicate higher conversion rates are achieved with targeted, niche keyword phrases than high search volume phrases. This is due in part because potential customers are typically deeper in the purchase cycle when niche phrases are used.

PPC Marketing Reality # 3: The quality of a Website landing page is equal to or perhaps greater than the PPC ad itself in terms of conversion potential. The right keyword in conjunction with a well written ad will drive visitors however the likelihood of a conversion taking place decreases proportionally with landing page quality (or lack of quality in this example).

Listed below are just a few of the ongoing requirements for proper PPC management. If you are considering the implementation of a Pay per Click Search Engine program consider this…. Who will be responsible for the following areas in your organization?

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