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The prospect of launching a mobile marketing campaign can be daunting since it is an emerging technology with new and unfamiliar conventions and metrics. Finding the right mobile marketing partner can alleviate those concerns.

In a rapidly changing technological environment, Company’s continually seek ways to attain better value for their marketing dollar. As such, we believe integration of mobile marketing into a company’s overall Internet marketing strategy is imperative.

Today, Mobile Marketing is the only medium that enables companies to market to their moving target groups. We no longer have to rely on computers, or make phone calls to communicate with potential customers. More and more businesses are embracing this customer acquisition and retention vehicle.

Mobile Marketing is an exceptional direct response vehicle in terms of eliciting user engagement and conversions. Early statistics show double digit conversion numbers are the norm, which leaves traditional direct response vehicles (mailers, telemarketing etc.) in the dust. This bodes particularly well for companies looking to improve upon customer retention management (CRM) given that Mobile Marketing enables us to reach customers at any time and deliver unique offers based on user engagement.

As a market leader, The InterCon Group offers the skill and expertise to build cost-effective solutions for the most complex mobile marketing campaigns. We will advise you on the various technologies available to you and will work with you to develop engaging campaigns that deliver results.

Our development team can build custom Website and mobile applications to fulfill any Mobile Marketing requirement.

The InterCon Group can provide the Internet marketing services your company cannot manage alone…

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