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Email advertising continues to be a vital and effective component of a successful marketing strategy but not without social media integration. Today, we compete for eyeballs in everyone’s inbox so the first step to any successful email campaign is the offer itself.

Step 1: The Offer

When determining your email offer, consider how you would respond to a similar offer sent to you. The offer has to elicit a visual response followed by a visceral response.

  1. Buy 1 Get 50% Off a Second Item
  2. 25% Off 1 Item, 50% Two Items or More
  3. SAVE $25.00 on every $50.00 purchase, First 1000 Orders Only

Potential customers do not have the time or inclination to conduct a mathematical formula. Give them real dollar values. Encourage them to act quickly by stating a limited offer. You’ve peaked their interest, grabbed their attention… now on to the creative.

Step 2: The Email Advertising Creative

The meat of the email offer should be clearly visual. Enhance the creative using photos or video. Limit extraneous text since you have less than 1 minute to gain their attention. Be sure to include a visible 800#, email address and Website address. Doing so ensures buyers of all types have a manner in which to interact with you in the fashion they are most comfortable. For every 100 people who prefer phone contact, another 100 prefer email communication so don’t assume anything…. TEST!

Step 3: The Landing Page

Nothing kills a deal faster than delivering a landing page that doesn’t expound or enhance your offer. If you have a special offer on saws, don’t deliver a potential customer to the entry page. Take them to the special offer. Engage them with a video showing them the benefits of the merchandise. Display customer feedback about the product. Cross promote by adding images of related items and most importantly include a directive to order now!

The InterCon Group has developed hundreds of successful email campaigns and can provide any Internet Marketing service your company cannot manage in-house. We will work seamlessly with your company to deliver profitable results.

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